Jaipur with its royal


The grandeur, class and luxury of the palaces need to be reflected in the residential projects. It also takes care of the daily necessities through its grocery stores, cafeteria, business center and shopping If there is one builder that has not only been able to live up to this image of Jaipur, but also give real estate in the city and luxury a completely new dimension, it is VN Buildtech. In its new residential project in Jaipur, VN Buildtech has set the bar so high that others will find it difficult to emulate. Jaipur is not just the capital city, but a representation of the essence of everything Steel purification door Suppliers that is Rajasthan.

Jaipur with its royal palaces and remarkable architecture is a spectacular city. Looking at the rich culture and heritage of the city, real estate in Jaipur has a lot to live up to. While, the complex boasts of great sports facilities like tennis courts, swimming pool and cricket fields, at the same time it has awe-inspiring beautiful views, and houses as many as 100 gardens. The project is a gated community and presents 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments. VN Buildtech through its project ‘Exclusive 444’ has tried to bring royalty in the everyday life and come up with a residential project that becomes the defining feature for real estate in the city. For buyers, Jaipur is synonymous with royalty and that is what is expected from the residential properties.

Energy conservation is also at the heart of this project and solar energy panels have been installed in the complex. The state is still a princely one and boasts of some of the most marvelous pieces of historic architecture. The structure, which is soon going to set the record for being the tallest building in the country, is earthquake resistant. The group started its operations in New Delhi and has constantly been spreading its wings. The project titled ‘Exclusive 444’ amalgamates all the core elements of luxury lifestyle- comfort, recreation and necessities. These flats are fitted with the latest and best interiors, and will be available for sale soon.Rajasthan, the name is enough to go back through the annals of history and think of the royal era. VN Buildtech has taken special care as far as safety and security goes